Solid-Knight Podcast Episode 2: E3 or 3E

And yet the late episode. Yes its the latest podcast episode but its also one that’s also being posted late. As you all probably know, E3 has already passed us and in this episode the wonderful crew of the Solid-Knight cast throw out their E3 predictions. Again this is a late post, so bare with us. In this episode we’ve got predictions of E3, predictions of Metal Gear Solid V, movie talk, a chat about Daft Punks new album, Naruto, and more. Take a load off, its the weekend. Relax and listen.

Editorial Note: Support Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories. From what we know the albums awesome, so go get it!  Click me!


Man of Steel Review

        Just walking back in the door, I returned home from watching ‘Man of Steel’. My girlfriend had obtained two free pre-screening passes from the local Sacramento radio station 94.7 and so we set off for our movie. Both of us had little expectations for the film we were about to see. I had only seen a few trailers for it and mostly fast food ads promoting Super Sized burgers. And a year prior I had heard that Christopher Nolan would be working on the project as well, but I never really knew much else about the film. So in essence we only went into with what knowledge we had of the Superman franchise itself.

       With all that said, the film was phenomenal. A reboot of the Superman franchise retelling the origin story of Clark Kent as well as some history of his home world, Kripton. The pacing of the film right off the bat was excellent. Everything set up in a way that leaves the viewer wanting to see more of what Clark is capable of as well as what he went through growing up and learning to control his natural abilities. In addition to this, the writers also spliced in some comedic moments that proved successful in their timing and were not too cheesy in a way that would take you out of the tone that was already laid out for you.

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