Techno Kitten Adventure Review

Techno Kitten Adventure (Xbox 360)
Developed by 21st Street Games
Published by Elite Gudz
Released September 6, 2010
Review Written July 20, 2013

Continuing to play crazy indie titles I decided to go with one that I had stumbled upon a few years ago. Only purchasing it recently, I was notified of Techno Kitten Adventure while surfing Reddit’s gaming forum. What can’t be said about TKA? It’s wacky, I mean seriously this game is how I imagine what it would feel like if I decided to take a hit of LSD while watching a twenty-four hour Nyan cat video and after the adverse effect of the LSD finally took full form I proceed to have severe seizures that synchronize with random techno beats. Don’t let this scare you, or do, either way the game is interesting to say the least.

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Yoshi Review

Yoshi (NES)
Developed by Game Freak
Published by Nintendo
Released June 1, 1992
Review Written July 13, 2013

What happens when Mario mistreats Yoshi? The times he’s used him to get over gaps; sacrifices must be made. Mario never apologizes; Yoshi never forgets. Always brushing it off and moving on with his life, Mario never thought there’d be any repercussions for his actions. This all changed in the game Yoshi for the NES, where you play as Mario trapped in some sick, twisted Saw-esque puzzle game. You play to survive while Yoshi sits back and laughs at your failures. Yoshi watches with a vengeful smile as he attempts to burry you in corpses of enemies fallen to the Italian plumber.

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DLC Quest Review

DLC Quest (Xbox 360)
Developed by Going Loud Studios
Released November 2011
Review Written July 13, 2013

In today’s world where downloadable content has become mainstream and commonplace, DLC Quest acts as a parody of many complaints of the gaming industries often strange practices of DLC. You play as a nameless hero with the simple goal of saving Princess Macguffin from the bad guy (HA! Get it? Macguffin?). Seen as a generic platformer, the addition of humor and in-game DLC change this title form the normal.

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Solid-Knight Podcast Episode 4: Well That’s Awkward

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Solid-Knight Podcast. This week was a bit of a slow week but we still prevailed and decided to churn out another podcast for those with hungry ears. In this weeks podcast we cover the recent departure of Don Mattrick from Microsoft Entertainment, HD remakes of Final Fantasy 10 & 10-2, a discussion on the recent film Man of Steel, latest music releases, anime talk, and about how awkward the this weeks podcast is. Maybe its a slow news week, but whew the awkward was strong in this one. Yet we revel in it, build off of it, grow from it, and uh… where was I going with this. Oh well, enjoy the show for this week, leave comments if you have any, and we look forward to making the next episode!

Editorial Note: Again I had the wrong information at the beginning of the podcast. The HD remake that we were talking about was the Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, but it was released in the US in 1990 on the Sega Genesis and in 1991 on the Game Gear. Also it was never released on a Nintendo console, but will soon be coming out on Xbox Live and PSN possibly next month.

Second Editorial Note: If interested in checking out the albums talked about in this week’s podcast, check the links below.

Queens of the Stone Age – …Like Clockwork [June 3, 2013]

Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends [June 4, 2013]

Capital Cities – In a Tidal Wave of Mystery [June 4, 2013]

Jimmy Eat World – Damage [June 11, 2013]

Black Sabbath – 13 [June 10, 2013]

Hitman Absolution Review

Hitman Absolution (Xbox 360)
Developed by IO Interactive
Published by Square Enix
Released November 20, 2012
Review Written July 6, 2013

I’ve been somewhat of a fan of the Hitman series over the years. Though I’ve never played the first game, Codename 47, I’ve played through the others within the series. My favorite being a tie between the first moments I experienced with Silent Assassin and the RPG elements used in Blood Money. Every game was better than the last, and so as time went by I had high hopes for the latest rendition of the Hitman series. In short, my expectations were met but through a different kind of light.

Before I delve deeper into my review, first I must list some differences between this current adaption of Hitman and its predecessors. Hitman Absolution has many differences from the others and the first major difference you notice right when you start up the game is the lack of weapon loadouts. Although this makes sense in conjunction with Absolution’s plotline, it was a bit of a surprise to see a Hitman game lacking weapon loadouts in the single player campaign. To make up for this, the online Contracts mode does take advantage of the weapon loadouts where the single player campaign passes up on it. This occurs also with the RPG elements that were previously in Blood Money. The single player campaign has abilities that you gain when you level up with experience points but you never get a sense that you have the customization choices that you had in Blood Money. Again the online Contracts mode carries this ability as you can customize your weapons with a multitude of upgrades as well as your character’s costume for the different contracts you sign up for.

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Solid-Knight Podcast Episode 3: Would You Like To Ride The Shoopuf

Another round of applause for the team. Here’s our latest episode with more of our very interesting dialogue. This week we had welcomed a new member to the team, Josie, who had a good amount to add to all the discussion. And boy did we have an interesting discussion. Within this podcast we covered games we recently played, E3 feelings, games we are looking forward to the most, the future console war, Microsofts PR, and randomly how the Ronsos were created. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the next two hours of our wonderful podcast!

Editorial Note: I had my information wrong during the podcast. Hitman Absolution was published by Squenix (Square Enix) but not developed by Eidos. It was developed by IO Interactive. And as promised here is the video of Ali Hillis telling me to finish FF13. Thank you Lester for recording this a few years ago.

Second Editorial Note:
Support the band Alt-J who’ve had recent hits on the radio such as ‘Breezeblocks’ and ‘Fitzpleasure’ by checking out their album ‘An Awesome Wave’.