Solid-Knight Podcast Episode 3: Would You Like To Ride The Shoopuf

Another round of applause for the team. Here’s our latest episode with more of our very interesting dialogue. This week we had welcomed a new member to the team, Josie, who had a good amount to add to all the discussion. And boy did we have an interesting discussion. Within this podcast we covered games we recently played, E3 feelings, games we are looking forward to the most, the future console war, Microsofts PR, and randomly how the Ronsos were created. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the next two hours of our wonderful podcast!

Editorial Note: I had my information wrong during the podcast. Hitman Absolution was published by Squenix (Square Enix) but not developed by Eidos. It was developed by IO Interactive. And as promised here is the video of Ali Hillis telling me to finish FF13. Thank you Lester for recording this a few years ago.

Second Editorial Note:
Support the band Alt-J who’ve had recent hits on the radio such as ‘Breezeblocks’ and ‘Fitzpleasure’ by checking out their album ‘An Awesome Wave’.


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