DLC Quest Review

DLC Quest (Xbox 360)
Developed by Going Loud Studios
Released November 2011
Review Written July 13, 2013

In today’s world where downloadable content has become mainstream and commonplace, DLC Quest acts as a parody of many complaints of the gaming industries often strange practices of DLC. You play as a nameless hero with the simple goal of saving Princess Macguffin from the bad guy (HA! Get it? Macguffin?). Seen as a generic platformer, the addition of humor and in-game DLC change this title form the normal.

Starting with my complaints of this title, I have very few for DLC Quest. The game cost only a dollar and because of that, I can’t truly validate being too upset over negatives within the game. As such you can’t die, there’s no real challenge, not much replayability, and the ending is fairly abrupt. With this circling in my mind I felt the price point and the enjoyment I had with DLC Quest veiled my grievances leaving me with an hour of interesting adventure.

Get out of here Cloud Strife! Just because they haven’t remade FF7 yet doesn’t mean you have the right to invade other games!!!

The games positives very much make up for the small complaints I had. The game in my opinion was very humorous and quirky. Often breaking the fourth wall and displaying a joke related to DLC snafus in the gaming community, I found myself chuckling throughout the hour long campaign or should I say quest. Besides the humor and the references, the game offers easy playability as you can jump in and out at anytime and not feel like you have to restart from the beginning because you don’t remember what’s happening. I find this as a great feature for indie titles and arcade games as many gamers find themselves with ten to thirty minutes to spare and with a short time to game you don’t want to be jumping into games that require longer times to invest yourself in order to get a feel the game itself.


So there you have it, DLC Quest. Its fun, its quirky, only a dollar, and in my opinion deserving of a 5/5 rating. So go out there and purchase it on XBLA as it is worthy of at least one playthrough.

Review Written by John of The Time Heist


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