Techno Kitten Adventure Review

Techno Kitten Adventure (Xbox 360)
Developed by 21st Street Games
Published by Elite Gudz
Released September 6, 2010
Review Written July 20, 2013

Continuing to play crazy indie titles I decided to go with one that I had stumbled upon a few years ago. Only purchasing it recently, I was notified of Techno Kitten Adventure while surfing Reddit’s gaming forum. What can’t be said about TKA? It’s wacky, I mean seriously this game is how I imagine what it would feel like if I decided to take a hit of LSD while watching a twenty-four hour Nyan cat video and after the adverse effect of the LSD finally took full form I proceed to have severe seizures that synchronize with random techno beats. Don’t let this scare you, or do, either way the game is interesting to say the least.

The game has become self aware!! BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!

Techno Kitten Adventure is a side scrolling game where in you press only one button (easy enough) to control a flying cat and avoid obstacles. While surviving through the levels the techno music within the levels cause visual effects dependant on parts of the song. The visual effects are mesmerizing and pretty much help you find success in failing, but even when you fail the level just picks up where you left off and carries on. With flipping the screen, negative image, screen flashes, and thrusting shadow-men your eyes have to fight in order to see the obstacles you must avoid. This can be often troublesome at first as some obstacles are faintly outlined but after a while you become accustomed to the effects.

This comes with some negative effects though, at least physically for myself. Playing only thirty minutes at a time I usually end up with major headaches from the visual stimuli within Techno Kitten Adventure. Even though it’s painful I still crave to play more. Even without a story or plot, the game strives in its addicting nature to play till you get the highest score or to see what other insane visual effects will be displayed upon your screen.

Stop gyrating your hips shadow-men!!! You’re detonating all of the explosives with your sexy moves!!!

This game is also easily accessible when you don’t have much time to play and is always easy to pick up. The crazy looking levels, catchy music, cats, amusement for parties, and more cats make this a decent title to pick up. So go out again and purchase Techno Kitten Adventure. You won’t regret it, but your eyes probably will.

Review Written by John of The Time Heist


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