Solid-Knight Podcast Episode 5: Why T-Dogg, Why?!

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Solid-Knight Podcast! After a few weeks postponement of editing, the latest episode is finally here. In this round of discussions we cover Comic-con 2013 and the amazing things revealed this year such as teasers for new seasons of The Legend of Korra, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad. We also talk about movies revealed like Avengers 2, Batman & Superman, and Riddick. Relating to gaming we go over recent news of Capcom’s decision to release another updated version of Street Fighter IVUltra Street Fighter IV; revealing our opinions of it as well as going over what new content it brings in comparison to the original release. And last but not least we have Anime/Manga talk again this week involving Naruto, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, and fans interactions with anime romances. So check it out, give it a listen, hope you enjoy it, and as always if you have any recommendations or requests don’t be afraid to comment and list them!