Luigi’s Mansion Review

Luigi’s Mansion (Gamecube)
Developed by Nintendo EAD
Published by Nintendo
Released November 18, 2001
Review Written June 25, 2010

The game is fun
Easy to pick up
Different from typical Mario games

Fairly short
Puzzles aren’t too challenging

What does Luigi do in his spare time while Mario is out beating the bad guys? He vacuums…. Well that and battles ghosts. This is of coarse Luigi’s Mansion where Luigi gets his time to shine, and what better way to do it than by being a ghost buster. This game was originally released in 2001 exclusively for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Someone’s quaking in his overalls.


The main plot of this game is that Mario and Luigi get a letter saying they won a “Mansion” in a sweepstakes (I’m guessing all letters mean bad news in Mario’s world if you know what I mean). Mario goes alone to check it out but sadly he never returns. Luigi then goes to this supposed “Mansion” to find out what happened to his brother. Once there he meets a creepy scientist named Professor E. Gadd and learns that the Boos are behind Mario’s disappearance. After talking a bit with Professor E. Gadd, Luigi is given his weapon to combat the boos. A vacuum and a gameboy.

Creepy mansion is creepy!


The control scheme for the vacuum, flashlight, as well as the whole game is pretty easy to get use to in a matter of seconds. The game’s view is set in a classic 2D perspective, and you can use the gameboy to go into first person. The joystick controls Luigi’s movements, and the c-stick controls the flashlight and the vacuum.

The ghost aren’t that hard to capture either, and it really feels exactly like Luigi is a new member of the Ghostbusters. First you have to get a ghost to show its heart, and once it does you shine your light on it. Then you immediately try to suck it up with your vacuum. You keep tugging away from the ghosts to get them in your vacuum bag, and once you get all the ghosts in a room the lights come on. Afterwards, no ghosts are seen in the room as long as the lights are on. Pretty easy stuff. And its not just the ghost hunting that is easy, but the whole game. The puzzles aren’t even that difficult. Besides being very easy the game is also very short. I think I clocked in about 4-6 hours total.

I’ll just close these doors and never come back.

Ending Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed this game even with its flaws of being too short, easy and not having any of the typical Mario-style platforming at all. Besides those things, the graphics are pretty great for a Gamecube game and the music is great too. This game is one of those games you can just pick up whenever and beat it in a short amount of time if you don’t have enough time to play a time consuming rpg or shooter. So in hindsight, picking this up for $7.00 or less is worth it.

Final Score: 5 out of 5

Review Written by John of The Time Heist

Editorial Note: Another old review being brought back. Luigi’s Mansion was the first game I bought when I snagged my gamecube in 2010. It was a very short game, but it was fairly addicting to myself that I ended up completing it in one sitting. Whenever I get around to buying a 3DS I’ll probably pick up the sequel and give that a go.


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