Doom 3 Review

Doom 3 (Xbox)
Developed by id Software
Published by Activision
Released April 3, 2005
Review Written July 1, 2010

Great Graphics, soundtrack, and dialogue
Pretty scary at times
Interesting story
Chainsaw is my friend

Flashlight can’t be used at the same time as a gun
Felt pretty easy throughout

What do you get when you take a silent Ray Liotta and turn him into a space marine who combats demons on mars? Doom 3. Well, that’s what I think you get with that combination. Doom 3 is a survival horror game that came out for the Microsoft Xbox and PC in 2005. It was a pretty fun game and took me a couple days to beat it.

Excuse me, do you know where John Connor is?


Doom 3’s story is based solely on demons invading a space station on mars, its pretty simple and there’s not much to say about it. Someone has opened a portal to hell and it’s your job to close it and kill all the demons while you’re at it. You play as a voiceless character who only grunts whenever hit. The guy as I said earlier, kind of looks like Ray Liotta or even the liquid terminator from T2: Judgment Day. There is also a small cast of people in the story, but it only gets smaller. I found it surprising that there was actually one female character in this game as well, but I won’t say much more.

Is that my iPad?!


Your character, his main goal is to stop this chaos that is going on on mars, and to do it he must go deep into the space station. And the deeper you go the creepier it gets. That’s one thing to add, this game is pretty creepy and it is scary at times. This game uses darkness as well as sound effects to get into your head. Try playing it in the dark with the surround sound up. I believe the weekend I spent playing this, I possibly creeped out my neighbors or at least led them to believe I like the chilling sounds of hell.

Well as your character delves deeper into the space station he acquires new guns and weapons. I must say that halfway through the game I made a new friend. The chainsaw. It felt like a cheatful weapon because it didn’t run out of gas and monsters ran straight into it. Some of the levels I pretty much just kept running straight and all the monsters would die in my path as I made it to the next checkpoint. Something that did strike me odd though was that you couldn’t use the flashlight at the same time that you had your guns out. The chainsaw-flashlight combo, I can understand that never happening, but shotgun-flashlight can’t work? These space marines are on mars and its 2140!!! Come on, you guys made civilization possible on mars yet you can’t tape a flashlight to a gun?? But I’m guessing when they made that decision, it was to keep the game creepier. To be honest there were times where I only had the flashlight, a bad guy popped out of now where, and I almost crapped my pants while changing back to the shotgun, pistol, or my friend the chainsaw.

The controls for this game were pretty simple, but they don’t really have a tutorial in game, so the manual came in handy. Though you don’t really need it, a simple button press would tell you what it would do (duh). But as I said the controls were pretty simple. The puzzles were also pretty simple, even though all you had to do was listen to the audio recordings. The audio recordings also were what helped progress the story along through your PDA, but its so big it looks kind of like an iPad. I guess everyone on mars uses apple technology now? The game is also set up in a checkpoint fashion. You get from one checkpoint to the next, and every time you reach one that chapter is over. There are also multiple types of demons, bad guys, and bosses that you face and it helps keep the game fresh.

I’ll help you put that fire out with my shotgun, baby.

Ending Thoughts

I really liked this game throughout. It took me about 3-4 days to beat this and I was actually pretty glad it was kind of long. I really liked the creepy atmosphere that they created, as well as they stuck true to their own universe in the game, making me kind of feel like it was the future [except for the flashlight not on the gun thing]. The one thing that did get to me, was that this game felt a bit too easy. I guess I shouldn’t have used the chainsaw so much, but because of that I never really died. I think the only time I died, was because I fell into lava or into a plasma beam, or the time I dropped a grenade at my feet and didn’t move. The game doesn’t offer many complaints other than those two things. Its pretty great overall, and I recommend it if you are into survival horror games.

Final Score: 5 out of 5

Review Written by John of The Time Heist

Editorial Note: Another old review up for a viewing, only one more to go. Doom 3, what can I say about it. Well what more can I say. The game in all honesty freaked me out during the first two hours of gameplay, but once you get the shotgun it almost feels like a shield of courage and bullets. Very fun, very dark, many jump scares, and many awesome aspects. Id Software need to hurry up and release Doom 4 so I can get my fix of killing demon aliens on Mars.


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