Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3)
Developed by Infinity Ward & Sledgehammer Games
Published by Activision
Released November 8, 2011
Review Written December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone! After picking up my emotions from the last game I reviewed, I decided to play something less emotional and why not Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Another addition to the very popular fps series, Modern Warfare 3 stays under its safety net as a AAA sequel by being fairly similar with the previous installments. This isn’t to say this is a bad game, but it does have the feel of Modern Warfare 2 but in a different outfit. This is not anything new though, as Modern Warfare 2 felt like an expansion pack to the first Modern Warfare, only shinier.

With this repeated style, the Call of Duty series repeatedly allows the players to feel like a complete badass in each installment. With very fast paced firefights you rush, survey, and shoot your way thought either the single player campaign or the multiplayer skirmishes. You step into the shoes of your soldier and almost experience every explosive blast or bullet shot your way. With the fast paced gameplay it’s kind of sad that you don’t really get to enjoy the environments that Infinity Ward created. Many of the locales are beautifully crafted just to be destroyed amongst all of the fighting. I often admired the scenery only to be reminded that I’m on a battlefield as bullets hit my person. The pacing may be fast, but it is essential for the story as you’re in a race to help end a war that is slowly brewing.

Finding Nemo 2. This time with more explosions.

Along with the fast paced gameplay, I found myself a little overwhelmed in a few of the levels when the battlefields were too hectic to know what was going on. A few times there were too many soldiers on the screen, enemy and ally, who had similar desert toned uniforms that I would mistaken who was who. This usually lead me to either killing allies and failing the mission for friendly fire, or getting killed by an enemy as I’d seize up thinking he was an ally. This mostly occurred on the levels with Frost and Sandman, and I was still able to make it through the levels even with the slight disorientation.

To further the examples of Modern Warfare 3 following in its own Call of Duty shadow, the plot is your typical Hollywood action type with good versus evil as it was in the previous installments. Just like former, this one is of good action and pretty much ends in the same fashion. The game never let me feel like I was slowing down in order to keep up with the fast pacing and to keep me from getting bored. As with the previous installments, Infinity Ward crafted the plot’s flow in a way that it changes before it becomes too stale or predictable. Though at one certain point I became upset with their choice of plot direction and actually had to shut the game off out of frustration as a fan of the series, but that didn’t pollute the overall single player experience. As they say, war is war and the price of war is often life.

Another day in the life.

Beyond the single player campaign you have the multiplayer campaign and the Special Ops campaign. The multiplayer campaign is just like the previous installments and is just as addicting. It still feels like the multiplayer from the two previous Call of Duty games but with a few new customization options. There is also more of an issue with horrid respawning that puts Call of Duty: Black Ops’ respawn issue to shame. The Special Ops campaign alone adds more to the longevity with the survival mode similar to the Nazi zombies mode in previous installments but without the Nazi zombies. In addition to this are the Special Ops mission mode and the Chaos mode which both add hours of wasteful consumption.


Modern Warfare 3 emerges as an endgame to a trilogy. It may be Infinity Ward’s way of saying farewell to the Modern Warfare series and wrapping up loose ends, but in my opinion, the ending didn’t turn out how I quite imagined it would. I’m not really sure if Infinity Ward will make a Modern Warfare 4, but it was still an enjoyable game to experience. So if you’re looking for a first person shooter to mess around with or are a fan of the Call of Duty series, go pick up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as you’ll have hours of fun with plenty to do.

Review Written by John of The Time Heist

Editorial Note: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 SPOILERS BELOW

I wanted to use this spoiler section to talk about certain parts of the game, if you’re still reading you’ve been warned there are spoilers. Now I still liked the ending and still say in reality Soap probably would’ve died, but come on man! What the heck. Infinity Ward missed the mark with him in this game. Not only do they prohibit you from playing as him as you did in the last games, but they also have the gall to kill him off. I actually was so upset after his death because I had expected to at least play a moment in his shoes again that I saved my game and shut down my ps3. I didn’t really care for Yuri either, even after his death I responded with, “Meh…” The game should have ended with Soap killing Makarov, not being healed at the beginning of the game just to die later on to create some sort of revenge plot for Captain Price.

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