New Additions: Week of February 10th 2014

Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to catch up on some reviews and get through some recent games lately. I’ll have a review for Proteus shortly published and then a review for the Last of Us: Left Behind DLC. I’m also fixing some of the time heist’s blog layout as well as trying to get a better background and header set up. This week I have a big bundle of games that I picked up. At the beginning of the week I found Tales of Symphonia (GC) and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GC) at my local Dimple Records. Then throughout the week I picked up Super Smash Bros. Melee (GC), inFamous (PS3), inFamous 2 (PS3), System Shock (PC), System Shock 2 (PC), Black Mesa (PC), Dungeon Keeper (PC), and the Last of Us: Left Behind DLC (PS3). Finally beefing up my Gamecube collection as it is still fairly small. Though there are more games added to the backlog, I’ll still attempt to get through each of them. Hope everyone is having a great three day weekend!!!


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