New Additions: Week of February 17th 2014

Every now and then life gets a bit busier than normal, and this week has been one of those new weeks. Juggling social life, work, gaming, writing, and keeping this blog is still manageable but some of my future reviews may be a bit more delayed than they have been. Honestly I’ve been trying to stay within my due dates for the past few months even if it hasn’t appeared that way, but besides the recent time crunch in daily schedule I picked up three new games this week:

Dear Esther (PC)

The Ball (PC)

And Thief Gold Edition (PC) [picture not included as Thief’s screenshot function is a bit of a mess]. More games added to the backlog this week, although on a pretty cheap budget as Thief was free and the cost of the other two games combined was $5 from Green Man Gaming’s weekend sale. I’m actually excited to eventually get around to each of these titles for different reasons all around. Of the Thief series I had only played Thief 3: Deadly Shadows, and with Thief 4’s release just around the corner now is a great time to check out what the original games in the series were like before even glancing at the new release.

For Dear Esther, I had read all about the arguments of whether it can be considered a game or not. Seeing as the last game I reviewed, Proteus, was similar in that aspect of being within a categorical battle, I was interested in playing or viewing it for myself. I will say, graphically it looks very beautiful. The final game I don’t have much to say about. A year ago I had only heard a few details and maybe seen some footage while browsing Reddit, but it does look a bit interesting. It kind of gives me Half-Life 2 or Portal vibes from the trailer footage, and the review scores kind of worry me but I’ll figure that out when I get around to it.Until the next update, everyone have a good one out there!

John of The Time Heist


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