About the Author

My name is John and I’m a gamer, film enthusiast, college graduate, amateur chef, and lover of all things wonderful. For years I’ve wanted to find some way to create an outlet for my opinions about games that I’ve recently played and movies that I had recently watched. I’m no expert critic (and I’m not payed to be one) so don’t take my opinions on such things to heart as opinions are all variable. I’ve also figured that since I’m doing movie and game reviews, that I might as well incorporate cooking into the mix by providing my favorite recipes or new recipes that I’m just testing out. Each recipe will come with instructions and either photos or video detailing their processes. Every now an then I’ll also promote a podcast that my group of friends do and would be grateful if any took a chance to listen.

I’ll also note that I don’t truly plan on building a heist to steal your time, but if you do end up losing track of time with the interesting posts provided on the blog then that means I’ve got something interesting to provide to others and am not as boring as I criticize myself to be.


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